Geek Nail Art: Cat in the Hat How-to

Cat in the Hat nail art

I was going to attempt to do this whole Cat in the Hat geek nail art piece in jaunty verse, but I'm just not Dr Seussy enough to make it through the entire article without dying of rhyme failure. Our new favourite nail art blog, the Nailasaurus has created these amazing Dr Seuss-inspired nails, … [Read more...]

Geek Nail Art: Rubik’s Cube Tutorial

rubik nail art 2

Our favourite Italian nail art blogger, Roslion90, has just posted a brilliantly geeky nail art how-to. Really, there can't be a nerd over the age of 28 who wouldn't rather fancy Rubik's Cube nails. There's a worrying chance that there are some nerds under the age of 28 who aren't entirely … [Read more...]

Nailene SensatioNail LED Gel Starter Kit review

sensationail starter kit

I did a piece about doing your own UV gels at home a while back. But since then, things have moved on apace. While it was quite tricky to find professional gels (such as Bio Sculpture) for home use, more companies have started producing products available to the general public: you no longer need … [Read more...]

Nails Inc. 3-week manicure


Since finally growing my nails and giving up the biting habit this year, I've become quite partial to a manicure or two to keep my nails looking pretty. I've also developed a fairly unhealthy obsession with buying Nails Inc. nail varnishes. They tend to last quite a while without chipping, but … [Read more...]

DIY Manicures: UV Lamps and Bio gels

Profile Gel Nail starter kit

I've long been a sucker for a nice relaxing facial, even though I wish the therapists would stop promising that if I buy their particular brand of voodoo cream my face will become 20% more beautiful (and that if I don't spend £90 on the eco-friendly oil they've had shipped over from Australia I'm … [Read more...]