Microsoft Band to debut in the UK

Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band is one of the newest additions to the fitness wearables market, incorporating a 24-hour heart rate monitor, calorie tracker, sleep tracker, clock and stopwatch, and displays notifications for text messages as well as allowing you to keep track of Facebook and Twitter, linking to … [Read more...]

Gemini Devices JoyTab Review

Gemini Devices JoyTab

The Gemini Devices JoyTab may look like a direct iPad competitor at first, but you'll think twice once you see the price tag. It's a nice size at 9.7 inches and has a sturdy build of plastic and glass. But it comes in slightly thicker and slightly heavier than the aluminium iPad. There's no … [Read more...]

The phones you’ll be upgrading to this year


Another month, another technology show. This time, it was the turn of the mobile industry to get up all in your grill, showing off their latest innovations and creations. I luvz it. Mobile World Congress is one of my favourite shows (Barcelona, phones, tapas - what’s not to like?) and -- thank god … [Read more...]