We’ve been playing with the iPhone 5!

iPhone 5 Review

Five years ago this year, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage in San Francisco to unveil a device that would revolutionise the mobile computing industry over night. People were no longer happy with their cheap and cheerful Nokia "dumb"-phones or their school calculator looking BlackBerries … [Read more...]

Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth headphones

Jabra Clipper

Bluetooth headphones and earphones have come a long way since ye olden days of giant receivers and choppy audio. The Jabra Clipper is part of that new generation of wireless headsets that will give you decent connectivity and good sound quality. The headset isn't fully wireless; cables connect … [Read more...]

The best retro gadgets you can still buy

Casio Classic Watch

Ever hanker for the days when mobile phone batteries lasted all week and calls were never randomly dropped because your phone suddenly suffered a nervous collapse? Miss the days when your watch slightly patronised you by telling you the time in numbers and beeped every hour that went by? Well, … [Read more...]