ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet: Dork review


Up until recently, Apple has had very little to deal with in terms of mainstream budget competition for their iPad. The most recent addition to the market is the Dell Streak which, at almost half the size, is more often seen as a smartphone than an iPad substitute. When ARCHOS approached me with … [Read more...]

Asus EeePC 1008HA (Seashell). Dork Review


I'm in the market for a new netbook. My Dell Mini 9 has had a good run, but after 18 months, three falls and one virus attack, it may just be time to consider my other options. So, when the lovely people at Asus offered me the opportunity to try out their Asus EeePc 1008HA (Seashell) (in a pretty … [Read more...]

Dork Review: Nokia Booklet 3G


The Nokia Booklet 3G is Nokia's first mini-laptop, and another string to add to their mobile communications bow. As the name would suggest the Booklet comes equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi, and has up to 12 hours of battery time, so you can grab it for a day's work without dashing home for the charger … [Read more...]

Top 5 Netbooks


I've been crowing about the advantages of a netbook for almost a year now, ever since I got my dinky Dell Inspiron 9. My netbook goes everywhere with me. It is my lifeline for work, play and online shopping! When I originally bought my netbook, the market was still pretty new and the choices were … [Read more...]

Top 5 Netbook Cases


My Dell Inspiron 9 has become one of my essential gadgets,  the gadget that goes everywhere with me. Its compact style and low weight means I can pop it in my handbag for long train journeys. Unfortunately, my bag is full of items that are the mortal enemy of a netbook. Nail files, liquid make up … [Read more...]