Tomy Digital Plus Baby Monitor — Review

Tomy Baby Monitor

As I write this, my infant is upstairs screaming her head off while her dad sings a made-up nursery rhyme to the tune of Epona's song from Zelda. And thanks to the Tomy Digital Plus Baby Monitor I can hear it all perfectly. Tomy spent a long time researching and developing this baby monitor. … [Read more...]

Retro Robot lightswitches for the nursery


Decorating nurseries for a new baby always seems like a pointless pastime. By the time your child is old enough to notice the décor, he or she is going to have developed toddler-based design tastes and you're going to be painting everything Power Puff pink or something equally unpleasant. So, if … [Read more...]

Kaspa Ghost lamps and shades


Is it wrong that I think one of these Kaspa lamps would be pretty cute hanging in a nursery? Clearly, I'm going to be one of those parents who take up quite a lot of time in my offspring's counselling sessions. But who cares what social services think? I think a little glowing ghost lampshade … [Read more...]