Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

Pac-Man ghost lamp

For those retro gamers amongst you the Pac-Man ghost lamp from Firebox brings a sense of gaming fun to your home. It comes with a remote which as well as turning the lamp on and off can set the lamp to any of sixteen possible colours. If you can't decide on just one colour then you can … [Read more...]

Roomba vacuum cleaner review

iRobot Roomba Review

So, I'm a bit late to the Roomba party. They've been around for a good few years (and have led to the creation of this genius kitten video) but I've only recently got my hands on one. I got the opportunity last week to try out the latest model and being terribly lazy, I greeted the offer of a … [Read more...]

The best Pac-Man products

Image by Elliot Li via Flickr Remember a little earlier this year, when Google dedicated their Google Doodle to Pac-Man? That particular Google Doodle was so popular that a study by Rescue Time estimated that playing it led to five million hours of wasted work time. It's a testament to the … [Read more...]

Five of the best dorky t-shirts


Every dork worth his or her salt has a geeky t-shirt somewhere in the wardrobe. Whether it features a favourite video game, a geeky sci-fi program or a random catchphrase no one else has heard of, it'll be lurking there somewhere. So if you haven't got one yet, your geek credentials are in … [Read more...]

Pac-Man Jewellery from Folksy


As you can probably tell from this post, I'm a big fan of the 80s. My weakness for all things retro and geeky doesn't just stop at kids clothing, and after writing that piece I had a little wander onto Folksy to see what I could find. Turns out, there are quite a few jewellery designers who share … [Read more...]

Retro games clothes for kids


Ok, so the 80's bought us a lot of bad things. Bubble perms, shellsuits and Banarama to name a few. One thing they did get right, though, is Pac-Man. Incredibly addictive, I used to play this game for hours when I was a kid, along with Chuckie Egg (anyone remember that?) So, I squealed a … [Read more...]