Shop of the Week: Shoes of Prey


Customised fashion services are not a particularly new innovation. In fact, we mentioned a few a while ago in our round-up of the best ways to customise your life. But there's still room for a few new sites to pop up and give the more established sites a run for their money. Shoes of Prey offers … [Read more...]

Get creative! DIY geeky footwear

Star Wars custom heels

The very best shoes reflect your creativity and personality. I've been on the hunt for the best customised dorkish shoe collections out there. Hopefully, it will inspire you to get creative yourself! Star Wars Themed These Star Wars heels from Etsy are inspired by R2D2 and C3PO. The designer … [Read more...]

Bobux i-Walk toddler shoes review


Think of a high-quality early walking shoe for children and chances are you just thought of Bobux. Often copied, the Bobux Soft Sole range for babies really are iconic shoes. But the New Zealand company also makes footwear for older children, with a soft leather Step-up Cruising shoes range for … [Read more...]