Google+ Hangouts that should exist in 2013

Google+ Hangouts have been one of my favourite online tools this year, since I started taking part in TeamRedDigital’s Q&A. At the moment, there’s a growing love for the feature from G+ users, but I feel like they’re missing a trick with what could be done.

Here are a few hangouts I’d love to see on Google+.

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The fitness community is noticeably absent from Google+, and I think they’re missing out. In theory, personal trainers and exercise class teachers could teach the majority of workouts through a Hangout. All they need to do is book in a time that suits most people, then work through the class. It’s ideal for those fitness professionals who can’t stretch to the cost of hiring a studio, or for Google+ users who would prefer to work out from the comfort of their own home. This could also help a lot of fitness businesses expand, by offering online diet and exercise plans, without being restricted by location.

Live Interviews

Live interviews already happen occasionally on Google+, but I really think there’s an opportunity here to interact with followers more with the live chat function or YouTube streamed comment section. A live Q&A or interview is a great way to hook people in and give them the chance to ask things they’ve always wanted to know.


Pop on YouTube and search for anything beauty related, and the chances are that you’ll find thousands, if not millions, of make up tutorials. Would it be great to have these live, so people can apply the same look in real-time?


In the same way beauty experts could create a look live, chefs and cooks could put together a meal in real-time, so foodie types could cook it alongside. Perhaps this could be an interesting challenge for Jamie Oliver, to see if he can cook one of his dishes in 15 minutes without the advantage of editing.


There’s a great opportunity with Hangouts for learning and teaching. I’d like to see organisations like the Open University use them to host interactive classes. Surely at some point in the future, this kind of technology will actually end up in schools?

Brand Feedback

Brands often develop a social media presence in order to create a closer relationship with their customers and give followers an insight into their business. It would be interesting to see brand’s give customers a Q&A opportunity with influential people within their company. For example, a Topshop Buyer or Apple designer could jump on a Hangout to answer questions from those who want a similar career or want to know more about what they do.

Musical Collaborations

I’m not 100% sure on the legalities, but in theory a Hangout could be used for musical artists to collaborate together. As far as I can tell, it’s fine to play music if you sing and play it yourself (considering the number of cover versions on YouTube at the moment), so it should be fine for artists to join the Hangout and play together.

So, what kind of Google+ hangout would you like to see?

Emma Cossey

Emma is our resident fashion and social media specialist, having worked as a blogger, editor and writer on a number of fashion and beauty websites. She writes regularly for The Bag Lady, and has previously written for The Times Online, Shoewawa and Jorg & Olif among others.

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