Five ways to use Vine


There's a new kid on the social media block, and it's called Vine. If you love Instagram but have a yearning for more moving images in your life, Vine could tick all the boxes. It's a social network for short videos, either created in one go or taken over time to create a short story. Each … [Read more...]

The best Tumblrs of 2012

Tumblr Infographic

Tumblr. Let's not kid ourselves here people, it's a procrastination paradise. Not a fan of the micro blogging service? Check out some of our favourite sites. You'll be a Tumblr fan in no time. Text From Dog Text From Dog is exactly what it sounds like. Actually, most of the following Tumblrs are. … [Read more...]

Fun ways to get involved with your community


Since the Olympics, it seems like we've all become a little bit nicer. Perhaps got to know our neighbours a bit more. Made more of an effort to get involved with the community and see what we can contribute. In fact, over 100,000 volunteers signed up to Keep The Flame Alive, the Olympic … [Read more...]

Instagram It: Tiny Polaroid Magnets

Instagram It: Tiny Polaroid Magnets from AmbrosiaCreative

Next up in our crafty social media love fest are these adorkable tiny polaroid magnets from Ambrosia Creative. An oldie but goodie, this is a perfect project for all those Instagram groupies out there. Turn any magnetic surface into your very own hipster photography heaven! You can also get … [Read more...]