The best Tumblrs of 2012

Tumblr. Let’s not kid ourselves here people, it’s a procrastination paradise. Not a fan of the micro blogging service? Check out some of our favourite sites. You’ll be a Tumblr fan in no time.

Tumblr Infographic

Infographic for Tumblr

Text From Dog

Text From Dog is exactly what it sounds like. Actually, most of the following Tumblrs are. Text From Dog is smart enough to know that most pet owners wonder what goes through the head of their furry friends. October Jones gives a voice to his pet bulldog, and plays out the conversations through text message.

London Grumblr

Again, London Grumblr does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a Tumblr that follows the tried and tested approach of pairing animated gifs with everyday situations everyone deals with. It’s not just the Londoners though. Frankly, who doesn’t feel like this two days before their Christmas break.


The only thing worse than someone posting an attention-seeking, passive-aggressive status on Facebook is all the people expressing faux sympathy and asking “U OK Hun?”. Get yourself on UOKHun and get ready to roll your eyes. UOKHUN’s “despatches from the front line of social needier” are well worth following on Twitter too.

What Should We Call Social Media

Work in social media? The gang at What Should We Call Social Media feel your pain. They’ve even managed to combine a Grumpy Cat gif with one of the most annoying things about being in social media…

Editor Real Talk

Are you a fancy editor? Editor Real Talk is the Tumblr for you. Share the pain with others of late deadlines, tricky subjects and post-issue parties. Also, they touched on the most frustrating thing that happens when you publish something you think is really, really good…but no one else agrees.

Fuck I’m in my twenties

This isn’t, as I expected, a group of people moaning about their twenties. It’s smart and witty. And it has a post that pretty much tells the story of my life. Maybe.

STFU Couples

STFU Couples has been around for ages. It’s still funny. Where else will you find an engagement ring in a burger bun?

White Whine

Aw diddums, did your housekeeper make the floor too shiny? Better pour yourself a glass of White Whine.

Oh, and here are three more Tumblrs that really don’t need explaining.

Hungover Owls

Food On My Dog

F*ck yeah beards


What was your favourite Tumblr of 2012?

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