Top events in December: Christmas and CES

Susi_weaser2It’s the end of December, and that means just one thing: the Consumer Electronics Show is nearly here. Oh, and Christmas. There’s no reason why you need be particularly bothered about either – last year CES was a load of companies sitting in a conference centre trying to reassure themselves that the recession wasn’t going to affect them, and announcing no products at all.

Except the second generation of that USB stick they bought out. That was very popular. That was going to save them, in the recession.

Quite frankly, most people are expecting more of the same this year.

And most of the stuff that is announced will never come to the UK – or will come to the UK but as a watered down version, or is actually still just a few sketches in the R&D intern’s notebook, rather than an Actual Life Product. Or, it’s coming to the UK, in it’s full form, in… September. September 2011.

So, basically, it’s not worth taking note of stuff you want for your January sale shopping – you’ll only be disappointed.

CESHaving said that, it’s a great event, often because of the smaller companies showing off stuff you just otherwise wouldn’t get to see – eReaders that aren’t made by multinational corporations, so cost less and do more, games you control WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND, washing machines for pets – they’ve all done their time at CES.

This year, there are a few things you can look forward to:

Companies telling you this year will be the year of 3D in your living room

swiftly followed by

Journalists telling them it’s definitely not going to be the year of 3D in your living room, because no one can afford a new telly, and no one really wants to wear Cheap cialis glasses on the sofa

there will also be

Companies doing presentations involving several slides of trees, polar bears and factories. This will be to reassure us that we’re hardly harming the environment at all by buying all new consumer electronics

also inevitably

Girls in bikinis. In January. Probably in the hall that shows off stuff for cars. Apparently motoring enthusiasts are particularly easy to distract in this way… You will find several, possibly all, blogs featuring a round-up of these booth babes in an ironic fashion come the Saturday of the show. This is because by the last day all the average journalist is fit for is identifying and photographing boobs. And because generally, writing up this stories involves very little actual writing.

there will also be

Something awesome. There’s always something awesome, that keeps us going back, with hope in our hearts and Pro Plus in our pockets. And for that awesome thing, you can check back here. I will bring it to you and place it in front of your eyes, so you can marvel and enjoy.

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