The Dork Guide to Christmas TV

Nick Frost as Santa. This is happening, people.

Joy to the world, for this week the Christmas TV schedule officially kicks off. For the next two weeks, the schedules will be filled with danger, drama, intrigue, mystery... oh wait, that's just EastEnders. Sorry... But in all seriousness, festive television this year is a goldmine of film … [Read more...]

The best Christmas gift subscription boxes


Stuck for an idea for that awesome someone? Maybe they’re totally into books, or coffee, but you’re really close so you want to treat them to something more than a copy of Jane Eyre and a Starbucks mug? Or maybe you’re reading this, Mum, because I’ve been characteristically indecisive in asking for … [Read more...]

DIY Chrismas Present Tutorials Round-up

Christmas DIY presents round-up

Alright. We've all been pretty much in denial for about two months straight now, but it's time to face up to the facts: Christmas is exactly a month away. Yep, the season to be jolly starts right here. And because we do love our readers, Team Dork Adore has made it their mission to guide you through … [Read more...]