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Attack The Block: PreviewIn upcoming movie Attack The Block, aliens are invading London. If they hit the Kent-ish suburbs where I lurk, they’d be able to march cheerily from house to house, licking stray people out of the back of their rooms.

Fortunately for the nacho/guacamole industry, they are hitting a South London council estate instead to thin out the hoodie population. So, tower block kids vs aliens: Who will win?

Off The Streets

Film titles like “Cowboys Vs Aliens”, “Monsters Vs Aliens” and “Zombies Vs Tories” have become commonplace of late, so we might be forgiven for thinking this is more of two bogeymen being pitted against each other. Estate kids may not be a standard movie fear-figure, but with the constant tabloid headline-mongering about their desire to steal our wallets and stab us in the living brain, they’re on the up and up.

And according to writer/director Joe Cornish, he’s using kids with a not-too-stagey realistic kinda background to get that authentic feel. Cornish, of course, is half of surreal comedy duo Adam & Joe, a pretty good pedigree to have. The movie also sports Nick Frost, as all British semi-serious genre movies should, getting a bit more use out of his Paul haircut.

It looks like this could be a good laugh, anyway, slightly more action-heavy than the Sean of the Dead/Hot Fuzz stable. It’s released on May 13th, there might even be a full review closer to the time. There’s more from Cornish in the recently released making of feature, embedded below, or there’s a proper trailer here.

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