Dork Review: Motorola Digital Video Monitor MBP35

For those occasions when hearing your baby scream just isn’t quite good enough, Motorola brings you a range of Advanced Digital Baby Monitors so you can watch it holler too.

Motorola_Baby_monitorFor many parents, a video monitor is overkill, but if you’re especially nervous of something happening to the fruit of your loins, or if you just like the idea of a fancy bit of tech in the nursery, a video monitor is what you need.

The Motorola range has a definite whiff of Moto about it, with a quirky design that won’t suit everyone. I’d rather have something a little less silver and plastic, but I guess a baby product can be forgiven for looking a little bit cutesy.

Aside from the video features, the monitor is actually fairly low on additional functions. There’s a temperature monitor, a selection of polyphonic ringtones (what is it with baby monitors and Danny Boy?) and an intercom function so you can come over all Great Oz on your poor unsuspecting innocent. What you can’t do is mute the volume, which means you’ll have to listen to every squall, yip, snore and squeak. Possibly not ideal if you’re trying to relax of an evening.

The video quality is very good even in low-level conditions, thanks to the night vision and long range digital signal. The model I reviewed was the top-of-the-range MBP35, which will set you back a not-insignificant £149.99, but cheaper models are available.

Gains points for

  • Decent-quality video even in low light
  • Very easy to use and set up
  • Providing peace of mind to parents with poorly children

Loses points for

:( Feeling a bit plastic considering the cost
:( Not having a mute button
:( Not having a charging dock, which means both units are wed to mains power (unless you want to pop in some batteries).

More details

MBP35 (£149.99) – Large screen video baby monitor

MBP30 (£99.99) – Video baby monitor

MBP15 (£59.99) – Two-way digital baby monitor with temperature monitor

MBP10 (£34.99) – Two-Way Digital baby monitor

(Also available on Baby Monitors Direct)

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  1. Ben Rose says

    Interesting. I’m due to be a dad in 10days and, as a gadget geek, I took a look at video options but just couldn’t justify the cost…I’d rather trot upstairs and stick my head in the door.

    If there is no mute option, what is the purpose of the coloured lights over the screen?

    If I was spending this kind of money, I’d just get a wifi webcam and wall mount it. Then I could look at baby from my office desk whilst mum gets all the fun at home.

    • says

      You can turn the volume right down and then the lights let you know if the noise goes up to a seriously loud level, but I couldn’t mute the noise entirely and just use the lights.

      • Ben Rose says

        Yeah, the light work the same on our BT monitor – but it does have an easy Mute function which is a great feature, or so I’m told and will find it pretty soon :O)

        Thanks for the response.

    • russ says

      You’ll be getting plenty of exercise running up and down the stairs then. Getting a baby monitor is great for when you are watching a movie you can relax and not worry if you think you heard something. Money well spent.

      This particular model is a slippery little blighter because of its “cool” shape. The talk function is a waste of time though – its like a PA announcement and no amount of whispering can make it sound soft. It also plays music but imo these are silly additions to an otherwise good sized and clear display.
      The talk button is also poorly placed right at the top of the unit so its easy to accidentally press it when you pick it up.

      Re web cams .. though about this .. would be cool, especially as you can watch when you’re away from home, but having the baby monitor next to your bed at night is far easier than having to have your laptop running all night !!

      • says

        Ben’s talking about video monitors, not normal monitors, which he already has.

        Personally, I love the talk function. Not because I talk to my baby on it, but because in the early days when you’re trapped in the bedroom breastfeeding, you can request food and drink supplies from your other half. I quite often talk to my husband through it when he’s listening in another room.

  2. David says

    This is great, as stated lack of docking for the monitor lets it down as you must mess about to plug in the power cord to go walk abouts with the monitor, I just have one question though if anyone can answer, This unit uses a signal that is captured by the monitor, is there anyway to catch the signal via a PC as then i could stream so nanny could watch baby or friends and family whenever then wish, would be pretty cool.

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