iPhone cassette cover. Nostalgia is so hot right now

See: vintage clothing, classic cars and the reformation of Take That (OK, perhaps not that last one).

Although technology is constantly advancing, there’s always going to be the crowd that prefers their vinyl collection to MP3s, and who will probably never get over the news that Sony js to stop producing the Walkman.

I’m the first to admit to being one of these types, but as an ardent technophile too I’m forever torn between the new and the old. So, step forward this iPhone cassette cover! Allowing me to continue to enjoy the ease of MP3 whilst retaining my geek chic credentials, the case is £12.95 from gadgets.co.uk.

It also doubles as a handy stand when watching video with new and old working in beautiful harmony.

Tamsin Worrad

Tamsin is a crafty, geeky blogger, who can be found tweeting, blogging on her blog Miss Believer, and writing about tea over on splashofmilk.wordpress.com

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