Grippy Pad from Firebox

Grippy pad on a dashboard

I tend to find car holders for my phone are too fiddly. When I find myself in an "emergency sat-nav" situation (I suddenly realise I'm lost) it takes me a long time – pulled over at the side of the road – battling with a holder to get it in place. It really is very frustrating. Grippy could well … [Read more...]

We’ve been playing with the iPhone 5!

iPhone 5 Review

Five years ago this year, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage in San Francisco to unveil a device that would revolutionise the mobile computing industry over night. People were no longer happy with their cheap and cheerful Nokia "dumb"-phones or their school calculator looking BlackBerries … [Read more...]

Smart Gloves for Smart Phones


Smartphones have become almost ubiquitous over the last couple of years. Even my mother has a touch screen phone, although she hasn't quite grasped typing on it: she still sends me messages saying things like 'Crime home soon'. I think then that I can speak with confidence when I say that we've … [Read more...]

Colour blocked kitchen gadgets

colour blocked kitchen appliances

Colour blocking has got the fashion bloggers in a froth of late. We thought it only right to bring you a piece about kitchen electricals that was bang on trend. So if you're ready for a full kitchen makeover and you think you could cope with the sight of a rainbow bright array of appliances first … [Read more...]

Vodafone Sure Signal. Dork Review


This week, guest blogger Wez Knowles tries out Vodafone's latest gadget. I live in a village smack-bang in between two major cities (Sheffield & Nottingham) which also happens to be the place mobile signals go to die. Every time I want to make a call or send a text message I have to stand … [Read more...]

Powermat gadget charger review


Loose cables are the bane of my working life. Between my phone, netbook, Nintendo DS and iPod, I've got wires all over the place. Even with an extension lead, I'm still using all the available plugs. So how can I reduce the amount of cable clutter in my room? The designers at Powermat think … [Read more...]