Therm Au Rouge: no more cold wine

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s cold red wine.

To me, red wine is a tasty, heady drink best served at room temperature (and with a block of cheese). So, I’ve developed a rather worrying tendency to warm bottles up by popping them on the radiator or plunging them into boiling water.

Unfortunately, this leaves the bottle open to attack by my cat, and doesn’t really do the job very well.

Lucky for me, then, I was offered the chance to test the Therm Au Rouge; a device which allows you to warm a bottle of red up to the optimum drinking temperature in just a few minutes.

So, did it get a warm review?

I put the Therm Au Rouge to the ultimate test when I nipped out in the current sub-zero temperatures to fetch a bottle of wine from my friendly local wine merchants. By the time I got back to the flat my hands had almost frozen to the bottle, and the liquid inside was definitely not at a pleasant drinking temperature.

I slipped the Therm Au Rouge over the bottle, activated it by simply clicking the metal tab on the corner and waited for 15 minutes. Thanks to the super coolant properties of sodium acetate the liquid inside the device actually warms up as it freezes, heating your wine as it goes via the magic of science.

When the time was up I poured the wine out. I can happily confirm that the temperature was perfect, although I obviously had to try several glasses to be completely sure.When you’re done, you simply boil the device in water until the liquid becomes clear and you’re back to stage one ready to go all over again.

The Therm Au Rouge comes in a neat little  presentation kit along with a pourer and a brilliant little foil cutter (easily the most useful gadget in my kitchen) which would make it an ideal belated Valentine’s Day gift for the wine lover in your life along with a bottle of their favorite red. Or just a delicious treat for yourself…

The Therm Au Rouge anniversary pack is available from Gizoo now for £15.95.

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