Wood-fired pizza ovens from the Stone Bake Oven Company

outdoor pizza oven

My garden (in my mind)

It’s almost beyond my creative powers to imagine a universe where I have a big enough garden and the necessary capital to purchase a wood fired oven: reality keeps tapping on my brain and reminding me about mortgage repayments and childcare fees.

But if you’re lucky enough to be wading in a surplus of cash (of if you just *really* like pizza), you can acquire your very own wood burning pizza oven from the Stone Bake Oven Company.

Prices start at just (and by “just” we mean “a whopping”) £599 for the Primo 60 Oven, which comes pre-assembled and is big enough to cook one pizza at a time. You’ll also want the Accessory Pack for £49.99, which includes those long shovels for getting the dough in an out without singeing your face off.

You can install the Stone Bake Ovens inside the house too, which means you can get the cost-per-use down by living solely on pizzas and other baked bread items for the next four years; something we’re prepared to do for the sake of cost effectiveness.

Stone Bake Oven Company wood-fired ovens are manufactured in the UK from UK-sourced materials, which is nice.

Stone Bake Oven Company

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