Serenity Star from aden + anais. Nightlight breastfeeding aid that helps keep you organised

The Serenity Star by Aden and AnaisThe Serenity Star from aden + anais seems like a massive luxury (it’s over £60 from Amazon) but it’s useful in the early weeks.

This is a gadget with lots of functions. It’s a feeding diary that reminds you which breast you last fed on and what time you last fed. It acts as a night light, glowing white when the room is the right temperature, turning red or blue when it’s too hot or cold respectively. It comes with unusually nice songs on it too, with some lovely lullabies, white noise or heartbeat. Sounds can be timed to go off after 30 or 60 minutes.

It has its faults, however. Because they’re on the back and the light is on the front you can’t see the tiny feeding diary buttons very easily in the dark (although they do have little bumps on them to help you find them with your fingers). Worse, you can’t turn the light off. If you’re a fan of Gina Ford and co and want the sleep space very dark, you have to take out the batteries or unplug it. If you do that, you’ll lose all your feeding info and the clock will reset. If you plug it into the wall, you’ll have to go back to the same room to feed, which makes it a bit inflexible.

But despite its flaws, it’s a lovely product that feels well made and a bit special. Because of that, it would make a lovely baby shower gift for a first time mother — although I doubt a second-time parent would get enough use out of it.

Available from Amazon, Figleaves and Mamas & Papas.

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