What the Dorks want for Christmas 2011

dork christmas 2011

Want to know what the Dorks want for Christmas this year? Katie Lee: Dork Editor Please may I have a Kobo and an E-One laser hair removal gadget? I had both of them in for review this year and they're the things that have left the biggest hole since they went back. Also, I bought my friend the … [Read more...]

Dork Adore Gift Guide: The Scientist


Scientists get a bad rap. We're frequently shown in the media as bespectacled nerds who take everything literally and never have fun. In reality, we like to have just as much fun as everyone else; we just understand it on a higher level. And Christmas is no exception. Everyone has a sciencey … [Read more...]

Etsy Finds: The Big Bang Theory


In celebration of the fact that I finally learnt all the words to the theme tune (I am shamefaced to admit 'Maths, Science, History...' had me stumped) and because I have a whole lot of love for those lovely geek boys from The Big Bang Theory, I have decided to dedicate an entire Etsy Finds to … [Read more...]

Super-geek Wil Wheaton collaborates with J!NX


Wil Wheaton, star of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Big Bang Theory, has recently announced a collaboration with J!NX to create a line of clothing. Wil Wheaton, who is a passionate supporter of the geek community, has helped design a selection of graphic t-shirts, influenced by gaming and geek … [Read more...]