The Dyson Groom Tool: Dog fur buster

Dyson Groom Tool

Dyson has announced a new tool for its vacuums, and it's focussed on our furry friends. The Dyson Groom Tool, which looks like a fancy dog brush (because it is), fits on the hose of most of the models in the Dyson range. To work it, you pop the Groom Tool on the hose, and comb it over your dog. … [Read more...]

Dyson City Wool + Wood DC26 review

Dyson City DC26

I've been using the Electrolux Intensity for many years now (here's a video of me talking about it back in 2007), and the simple fact is, it doesn't matter how great its suction is, how splendidly small it can be folded and how smart it looks, it's heavy, it can't do stairs, corners or cobwebs, and … [Read more...]

Dork Review: Black & Decker Flexi Hand Vac


I don't think I ever fully appreciated the charms of a handheld vacuum cleaner until I got sent a Dyson handheld to test a few years ago. The Dyson is long gone, sadly, killed in a flash flood in the cupboard under the sink after someone forgot to mention that the pipes had been … [Read more...]