Run for Cover: Literary ebook covers


Do you know what the biggest downside of an ebook reader is? When you're on the train, you can't use the book cover impress people with your choice of novel (whether you're reading this year's hottest bestseller, or a high brow thriller). How are we supposed to silently brag about our … [Read more...]

Kobo eReader Touch review

Kobo Reader Touch

Still in need of a last-minute panic purchase present for your mother-in-law? Pop to WH Smiths and buy a lavender Kobo eReader Touch. That's my tip, anyway. If you want a review that gets into the ins and outs of which is better – Kindle or Kobo – you've probably come to the wrong place. … [Read more...]

ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet: Dork review


Up until recently, Apple has had very little to deal with in terms of mainstream budget competition for their iPad. The most recent addition to the market is the Dell Streak which, at almost half the size, is more often seen as a smartphone than an iPad substitute. When ARCHOS approached me with … [Read more...]

Apple Tablet Rumour Round-Up


If there’s one thing in life more exciting than an update to a current Apple product, it’s the potential launch of an entirely new Apple product. At least, that’s what the technology world would have you believe. Only those lucky few with homes under rocks will have missed the fact that Apple is … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to buy a Sony Reader


I've been reviewing the Sony Reader Pocket Edition (£159 from WHSmith) for the past few weeks and I'm sold. But if you're wondering if you can justify spending so much money on a gadget that essentially does the same job a book has been doing for the past few hundred centuries, here's some fodder … [Read more...]