Rubik’s Cube Light up your life!


Hello beloved friends/colleagues/family physicians! Aren’t you tired of your various geometrically-inclined puzzles going unseen in the dark recesses of your lair/mind? Do you yearn for the day that the postman will look past you to the glorious cube glowing on your mantelpiece and collapse in a … [Read more...]

Last-minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Crumbs & Doillies Valentine's Day cupcakes

Valentine's Day is... tomorrow?! Blimey, that went quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was fretting over what to get for Christmas... and now I'm fretting about what to get for Valentine's Day. Yes, buying a present for a loved one does seem to come with a side order of fretting. But, to … [Read more...]

A Marvel-lous Christmas Gift Round-Up

Marvel Monopoly

  After The Avengers assembled on the big screen last year, everyone went mad for Marvel. This year, we had Iron Man raking in the billion at the box office, Thor battling evil Christopher Eccleston and his elves in London and Agent Phil Coulson resurrecting on the television. And if … [Read more...]

Get crafting for Mother’s Day

Dork Adore Mothers Day Craft Projects

Mothers, where would we be without them? If you want to show your mother how special she is to you on Mother's Day this year, why not embrace your inner child and get crafting? Time may be running out but never fear, we have scoured the internet to share some of our very favourite, … [Read more...]