iPulse Smooth Skin: Dork Review

Boots Smooth Skin IPL hair removal

Hair removal. Tedious, time-consuming and occasionally painful. You'd think this would be something evolution would have sorted out for us ladies. I've tried most of the methods out there for defuzzing. A brief dalliance with waxing, epilating and threading tested my (very low) pain threshold to … [Read more...]

Corioliss Floral Vintage Dryer. Dork Review


I don’t know about you but I’m always a bit disappointed with hairdryers in hotels – not to mention when I go to stay with my mum, who is still using one from of the seventies – so I usually lug my own along with me. It’s a great big, years-old hefty thug of a hairdryer, but the reason I like it is … [Read more...]

Cloud Nine hair straighteners


It's probably quite clear by now from our recent post that Dork Adore is firmly a collection of GHD devotees. Personally I've tried out a few other types of hair straighteners, including the wet-to-dry ones and the cheaper ones, but I always come back to GHD. However, if the beauty buzz in the … [Read more...]