iPulse Smooth Skin: Dork Review

Boots Smooth Skin IPL hair removalHair removal. Tedious, time-consuming and occasionally painful. You’d think this would be something evolution would have sorted out for us ladies.

I’ve tried most of the methods out there for defuzzing. A brief dalliance with waxing, epilating and threading tested my (very low) pain threshold to the limit. Hair removal cream only succeeded in fumigating the bathroom and left me light-headed. Hair removal mitts gave me an appalling rash that garnered appalled looks from parents who quickly ushered their children away.

Which basically leaves me and my modest budget with the trusty razor. That’s not to say I haven’t eyed up the pricey salon-based IPL (intense pulsed light) courses though that promise permanent results.

So, when I was given the chance to try out the iPulse Smooth Skin IPL system from Boots to try at home, I snapped up their offer faster than you can say “Julia Roberts fuzz faux-pas”

Here’s how I got on.

The product

The iPulse Smooth Skin IPL system is a compact machine that consists of a base with two control panels, and a handset that emits a short, intense pulse of filtered light. The system works when the light is absorbed by the coloured pigments in and surrounding the hair and it disables the hair follicle, helping to prevent hair re-growth.

Using it

There’s a huge instruction book to read, but here’s the basics:

  • Shave/trim area.
  • Apply Activation Gel
  • Choose your heat level (you’ll find the suitable one for your skin in the book) and switch it over to ‘ready’
  • Apply the headset to an area of hair you want to target. Once the four pins on the headset touch skin, a red light will signal it’s ready.
  • Hit the button!

This video sums it all up.

Wins points for:

  • Lack of pain: I used the highest level (fair) but the pain barely registers. A quick shot of heat and it’s done
  • Quick: It only takes around five minutes to do both areas of the underarm
  • Results: I can definitely see a difference. See the conclusion below for more information.

Loses points for:

:( Messy: You’ll need to apply a messy gel before using the applicator on your skin

:( Small surface area covered: This means it’ll take a long time if you fancy tackling your legs or any large areas of skin

:( Expensive: Although the results should be permanent which will save you money long term.

:( Not suitable for all skin types. Try the suitability tool on the Boots website to see if you can use it.

Boots Smooth Skin HeadsetConclusion

I’ve been using the iPulse Smooth Skin system for six weeks now and I can see a reduction in hair growth generally and some areas where hair has simply stopped growing. As I’m blessed (!) with red hair and pale skin, it’ll take a little longer. But an extra five minutes spent once a week with this gadget is a small commitment for what could be a long-term hair-free future. Plus it’s quite a bit cheaper than the courses you can buy in salons.

iPulse Smooth Skin: Boots: £274.99

Emma Cossey

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  1. Annerose1215 says

    I would advise you all to DO NOT BUY THE I-PULSE MACHINE FROM BOOTS. I'm really disappointed with everything about this machine. First of all the 12 weeks effectiveness it's unreal. It might be real for hairless woman but for thick hair it probably takes way longer. My point is: The 10.000 flashes lasted only 5 months, I don't know how some people managed to use for one year without replacement, I have to say I was really surprised when the bulb was finished.  I was doing my bikini line,underarm, half legs and upper lip it was bad enough that it lasted so little, but my nightmare started when I tried to get the replacement handset that costs more than half price of the whole machine or just the bulb that is also very expensive a 100 pounds. In store they've got no information about it, and they also gave me 3 weeks to get replaced wich means I would have to stop the treatment for 3 weeks. Before you buy it any of this machines research a lot ( not only boots website ).It's just a piece of advice from someone that really needs hair removal and had a bad experience after spending more than 300 pounds in one machine that doesn't really do what it says. It might do after a while, as I said I haven't finished the treatment yet, but you end up spending way more than you tought you would,  with the gel and bulb replacement.  Thanks


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