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We may be geeks here at Dork Adore, but that doesn't mean we don't know the importance of a good pair of hair tongs, or indulge in some beauty buying on a regular basis (especially beauty gadgets). We're a bunch of chic geeks, after all. But time is tight. Personally, I don't have the patience … [Read more...]

iPulse Smooth Skin: Dork Review

Boots Smooth Skin IPL hair removal

Hair removal. Tedious, time-consuming and occasionally painful. You'd think this would be something evolution would have sorted out for us ladies. I've tried most of the methods out there for defuzzing. A brief dalliance with waxing, epilating and threading tested my (very low) pain threshold to … [Read more...]

iMote Kid Friendly Remote Control


Young kids and cable TV is a combination asking for trouble. Sure, it's got a ton of kids channels to keep them occupied, but leaving a child in the possession of the TV controller may lead to them flicking from CBeebies to the far less educational Babestation (or educational in a whole new … [Read more...]

Dork review: YOGI Hair Wand


I'm not a particularly high-maintenance girl (I work at home, I live in the countryside, the only person I see all day is my dog - and yes, I realise she's not technically a person either) but when I go out (infrequently) I like to make an effort with my hair and do possess a pair of GHDs. The … [Read more...]