Review: The Magic Wand. It’s for your face

By now, my family and friends are fairly used to seeing odd gadgets around my home. But the Magic Wand Facial Massager might just top the list of weird and wonderful review products in my possession.

Not least because a few people have mistaken it for a decidedly more naughty vibrating gadget.

Or, as a few people suggested, Barbie’s leg.

The Details

The Magic Wand is a vibrating, pink, slimline facial massager, which tapers off to a flat section at the top.

According to the packaging (again, it wouldn’t look out of place in Ann Summers), the Magic Wand will help diminish dark circles, puffy eyes, bags and wrinkling.

All you need to do is turn the wand on using the small button on the side (it’s powered by an AA battery), and work it across your face, from the top of your forehead.

You will feel ridiculous doing this.

The Results

Does it work? Well, I found a few benefits:

  • My face felt smoother and softer after using it for a few minutes, although this was only temporary. Great base for applying moisturiser though.
  • While I can’t speak for dark circles, I have noticed that it does help reduce puffy eyes.
  • I suffer from tension headaches, and this has occasionally helped ease them when rolled across the affected areas, relaxing them.


I suspect the main reason this works is due to the massaging.

If you took 5-10 minutes to massage your face each morning, I think you’d get a similar result. However, this is faster, gives me a nice glow afterwards, and eases tension much better than a manual facial massage can. I apparently look ‘less tired’ too, which is a nice perk.

I’d imagine that would make this a great buy for a new mum (or dad) who wants to look fresh faced after a bad night’s sleep.

Overall if you keep your expectations realistic, you’re not going to look 10 years younger, you should be quite pleased with the results.

The Magic Wand is £14.95 from Gizoo.

Emma Cossey

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