Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara Review

A little while ago I mentioned a couple of vibrating mascaras that proudly claimed to be the Next Big Thing in the world of cosmetics. Following in the footsteps of the vibrating cleansers (the Neutrogena Wave and the Clarisonic Skin Therapy System) and the vibrating hair straighteners (The Pink Vibe Straighteners), the vibrating mascaras promise to give you the kind of fluttery eyelashes that would gather a few dirty looks from Bambi.

My lifelong search for the perfect mascara has finally overcome my fear of placing any form of buzzing brush near my eyes, and Maybelline have kindly offered me their Pulse Perfection mascara to put to the test.

Maybelline claims to give the lashes extra length, body and curl with its vibrating brush, without applying half a dozen coats.

Here’s how I got on.

The Pulse Perfection looks like any other mascara, except there’s a tiny battery section at the wand end to power the vibrations. The battery is already included, so all you need to do is remove the safety tape and hold down the button to activate the ‘pulses’.

You apply the mascara in the same way as you normally would, holding down the button whilst weaving the brush through your lashes. I found holding the button down whilst applying it a little tricky, especially as I tend to roll the mascara when applying for a bit of extra volume. The mascara wand itself is a small, bendy brush.

The actual vibrations are pleasant enough, and rather bizarrely you can actually feel your lashes lifting a little at the roots. It’s an odd sensation but not uncomfortable. After a couple of coatings of the mascara I noticed that my lashes definitely looked longer and separated, giving a pretty fan effect. However, this is a similar look to how my lashes look if I wiggle the brush during the application.

Wins points for:

  • Good quality mascara formula (no smudging, no stinging for sensitive eyes)
  • Lifts the lashes

Loses points for:

:( Button activation is uncomfortable when you have to constantly hold it down.

:( The price is high for a mascara, coming in at around £14.67 from Boots.


Overall the results were good, but I’ve got static mascaras that give better results without the buzzing. I can however see the benefit of this product for shorter lashes as they give a wide-awake look.

Fancy giving it a try? You can also buy it on eBay for under a fiver.

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