Apple or Android? The iPhone vs HTC Legend


If you’re a lover of air conditioning and cool air, get yourself down to Hell right now. It has temporarily frozen over whilst I temporarily dump my iPhone for an HTC Legend. When announced, I wrote that the Legend might just have the potential to make the swap from iPhone to Android, but it was … [Read more...]

The phones you’ll be upgrading to this year


Another month, another technology show. This time, it was the turn of the mobile industry to get up all in your grill, showing off their latest innovations and creations. I luvz it. Mobile World Congress is one of my favourite shows (Barcelona, phones, tapas - what’s not to like?) and -- thank god … [Read more...]

The best gadgets at CES 2010

Lenovo U1

So, CES has drawn to a close, and the UK tech contingent is heading home. Or at least we would be, if something that looks suspiciously like The Day After Tomorrow hadn’t been happening in our absence… CES this year has been… fine. It’s been slightly more interesting, in terms of launches, than … [Read more...]

Google Android: All the newest phones


Since the Apple vs Android war has officially kicked off, I'd like to pledge my allegiance to Android. I've yet to get my paws on the newest generation of phones, but I'm an avid Google fan and the idea of buying an iPhone leaves me feeling a little blah. After checking out what's currently on … [Read more...]

Android vs iPhone – it’s the new Jordan vs Peter

Susi Weaser tech journalist

You should probably know right now, I use a Macbook. And an iPhone. And I briefly considered buying the new Magic Mouse, even though I work on the sofa, which isn’t massively conducive to miceness (or non-twisted spineness, since you ask). So, yeah. I’d like to protest I’m not a fangirl, but the … [Read more...]