The Apple-friendly Innergie PocketCell phone charger

Innergie Portable Phone chargerPortable phone chargers have become something of a necessity of late. Remember the good old days when phones lasted for nearly a week on one charge and you didn’t start every phone conversation with “my battery’s really low so we might get cut off”?

Well, those days are long gone. Now you’re lucky to make it through the whole day without needing to re-juice your smartphone.

The Innergie PocketCell (£79.99) is a portable charger that comes with Micro USB, Mini USB and Apple adapters all built in to one long “Magic Cable Trio”. Unlike a lot of portable chargers, you don’t need to plug in new attachments each time you want to charge a different device; the chargers are all connected to each other, creating a clever, compact system without the usual fiddly bits for you to lose.

The design is very Apple, with a glowing blue LED, white casing and very plain style. As far as a portable charger can be something to desire, this is much better looking than most other chargers you’ll encounter.

The charging times promised are as follows:

  • iPod 70+ hours
  • iPhone 25+ hours
  • iPad 4.5+ hours
  • Smartphone 15+ hours
  • HTC/Blackberry 15+ hours
  • Tablet PC 5+ hours
  • MP3 Player 100+ hours
  • Games Console 10+ hours

The big turn off on the PocketCell is the price. At £79.99, this is a very hefty investment for something that doesn’t even do anything fun. But if the price doesn’t make you tear up, this portable phone charger is one of the better ones.


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