Eton’s Solar iPod Speakers

Eton Soulra iPod Dock Review

The off-grid lifestyle really appeals to me. Not in an "I'm a neo-nazi and I don't want to pay taxes" type way, but in a "I'd like to live in a cabin in the woods and make furniture out of hazel twigs" type way. So, when something like the Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered iPod Speaker Dock (£199.99, … [Read more...]

Mobile Gaming: Tiny Troopers Review

Tiny Troopers 001

Finnish developers Kukouri have teamed up with Chillingo to give us Tiny Troopers, a game that seems unashamedly influenced by Sensible Software’s 1993 classic Cannon Fodder. Even the tagline “Give war a chance” seems like a blatant take on Cannon Fodder’s classic theme tune. Drawing inspiration … [Read more...]

Five Dorky Pieces of Furniture of the Future


If you have a funky, eclectic style like me, you're always looking for something that'll light up your space; literally. And I'm not talking about the gaudy side lamp Aunt Milly gave you for your birthday. No. What I'm talking about -- my dorky devotees -- is the future of home decor. Here is … [Read more...]

Four of the best portable phone chargers

Emergency Mobile Charger

Remember the old days, when a Nokia 3310 used to last half a week? Good times. New technology is a massive battery suck. It's the payoff for having constant access to your Twitter, Facebook, email and Angry Birds on the go. Which is why the average phone now rarely lasts longer than a day (if … [Read more...]

PURE Orla Kiely DAB digital radio

Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely DAB radio

We don't listen to the radio that much in my house. I blame this entirely on the lack of beautiful radios, rather than my penchant for trashy intellectually stimulating TV programs. This could all change now with PURE's collaboration with Orla Kiely in creating a new DAB radio. The DAB radio, … [Read more...]

Why Apple's Ping won't catch on


Twitter/Facebook + iTunes x music = Apple's Ping Another end-of-summer evening, another Apple press conference. They have become a way of marking the eternal passage of time and your own undeniable mortality, right morbid gadget fans? Well, this conference bought the announcement of Ping, which … [Read more...]

Four pretty iPod speakers


We've looked at speakers in the past for children, wireless speakers for those fed up of tripping over USB leads all the time, and the high tech BOSE SoundDock 10. But what about those of us who like to combine our dorky love of gadgets with our preference for seriously pretty … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day gifts for geeks


C'mon now, you didn't think we'd get through February without at least one Valentine's Day post, did you? I know it's all a scam thought up by Hallmark to get us all spending money, but's all a bit of fun really. Floundering for ideas for the dork you desire? We've come up with a few … [Read more...]