Reinventing the plug: The MU USB adapter


Plugs aren't remotely sexy, are they? No? Well, this one might change your mind. I don't have a good record with plugs. I either break them, forget to pack them when I'm off on holiday or, worst of all, stand on one in the middle of the night. So it takes a lot for me to get excited about such a … [Read more...]

Four of the best portable phone chargers

Emergency Mobile Charger

Remember the old days, when a Nokia 3310 used to last half a week? Good times. New technology is a massive battery suck. It's the payoff for having constant access to your Twitter, Facebook, email and Angry Birds on the go. Which is why the average phone now rarely lasts longer than a day (if … [Read more...]

Powermat gadget charger review


Loose cables are the bane of my working life. Between my phone, netbook, Nintendo DS and iPod, I've got wires all over the place. Even with an extension lead, I'm still using all the available plugs. So how can I reduce the amount of cable clutter in my room? The designers at Powermat think … [Read more...]