Why my Kindle is changing the way I read

Longform Kindle

Stuart wrote a great article about long reads and his Kindle over on his blog. We asked him if we could reproduce it here. He obliged us. Enjoy! When I was weighing up whether to get an Amazon Kindle I’m not sure if I thought it would make me read more. I usually had a book on the go, so I … [Read more...]

Run for Cover: Literary ebook covers


Do you know what the biggest downside of an ebook reader is? When you're on the train, you can't use the book cover impress people with your choice of novel (whether you're reading this year's hottest bestseller, or a high brow thriller). How are we supposed to silently brag about our … [Read more...]

What to do until Game of Thrones is back


The new series of Game of Thrones starts on Sky Atlantic on 2nd April. If, like me, you can’t wait for your fix of the boys and girls of Westeros, I have some suggestions for you to make the time go a little quicker. Watch the trailers and pore over the pictures: It seems that every week, a new … [Read more...]

Get crafting for Mother’s Day

Dork Adore Mothers Day Craft Projects

Mothers, where would we be without them? If you want to show your mother how special she is to you on Mother's Day this year, why not embrace your inner child and get crafting? Time may be running out but never fear, we have scoured the internet to share some of our very favourite, … [Read more...]