Laptop and iPad cases from Marc Jacobs

Laptop Ipad cases Marc Jacobs

They're listed as "tablet" cases, so these Marc by Marc Jacobs cases (£60 from designer discount store, aren't fussy about which brand of tech slate you decide to slide into them, but they'll definitely fit your Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other tablet. The pink case … [Read more...]

Union Jack gadget gubbins

Vintage Union Jack Laptop Case

It's the Jubilee! What does that mean? It means it's time for us to do some themed content! Like every other UK website! Hurray! As we well know, the burning question on every dork's mind is "just how do I make my technology more patriotic?" Luckily, we have the answer: union flag … [Read more...]

Gorgeous gadget bags from Orkio


I wrote recently about the best network cases available to keep your gadgets safe and stylish.  It's not the most exciting purchase you'll ever make, but picking up a bright and beautiful bag to carry around your camera, laptop or phone will put a smile on your face more than the standard black … [Read more...]

Top 5 Netbook Cases


My Dell Inspiron 9 has become one of my essential gadgets,  the gadget that goes everywhere with me. Its compact style and low weight means I can pop it in my handbag for long train journeys. Unfortunately, my bag is full of items that are the mortal enemy of a netbook. Nail files, liquid make up … [Read more...]