Bookish jewellery for literary lovers

Typewriter Key Cufflinks

If you're one of those bookworms who occasionally leaves the house (they must exist somewhere, right?) you might want to make yourself look presentable whilst still letting the world know you'd rather be at home reading. Luckily, Bookish England has your demographic totally pegged. It has … [Read more...]

Zelda, Harry Potter and Pokemon necklaces

Pikachu Necklace

She may sound elderly, but according to her profile, Grandma Thunderpants, creator of these excellent necklaces, is only 22 years old. She makes massive artworks – which she doesn't sell – and tiny pieces of jewellery – which she does. These necklaces have been created in polymer clay and each … [Read more...]

Geek! A necklace especially for you

Geek Necklace

Angharad Mead writes... Name necklaces have been done to death over the past decade, but this creation from Etsy seller QuirkyBoutique gives a tired concept a fresh new twist. Try wearing it with some thick-rimmed glasses and a wonderfully nerdy t-shirt (one of my friends has a slogan tee … [Read more...]

Five lovely necklaces for boffins


If you know me, you'll know I'm a scientist because I'm enough of a dork about it that I tend to tell everybody I meet. So, the idea of wearing some science round my neck for all the world to see got me very excited. These science equipment necklaces (£6.99 each from Finest Imaginary) are the … [Read more...]

Snap happy camera necklaces


I wouldn't be a Dork if I didn't covet some geek inspired jewellery. Jewellery doesn't get any more geeky then this Snappy Happy Pink Camera Necklace (£10) on the right from Love, Hearts and Crosses. The necklace comes in an alternative blue variety and hangs on a black suede necklace, much like … [Read more...]

Pac-Man Jewellery from Folksy


As you can probably tell from this post, I'm a big fan of the 80s. My weakness for all things retro and geeky doesn't just stop at kids clothing, and after writing that piece I had a little wander onto Folksy to see what I could find. Turns out, there are quite a few jewellery designers who share … [Read more...]