WATCH: Mr Holmes trailer released

Ian McKellen is Mr Holmes

IT’S HERE IT’S HERE IT’S HERE! The trailer for Mr Holmes has just been released, and everyone is excited (few more so than myself). Based on Mitch Cullin’s novel A Slight Trick of the Mind and directed by Bill Condon, the film follows a 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes as he embarks on his last … [Read more...]

Cool prints to geek up your home


If you're on the look-out for a reasonably cheap and suitably geeky way to decorate your house, then these prints (found on Firebox and Etsy) are most definitely for you. There's something for every taste and every fandom, and they will make your house look exquisitely geek chic. Punk Super Mario … [Read more...]

Sherlock Series 3 : A Little Glimpse

Lars Mikkelsen as Sherlock's new nemesis Magnussen.

On Friday, BBC One concluded their repeats of the brilliant series two of Sherlock with the by now notorious The Reichenbach Fall (a 90-minute masterclass in how to make a fandom explode). If you were lucky enough to catch the repeat all the way through to the end, then you were in for a treat. … [Read more...]