Gemini Devices JoyTab Review

Gemini Devices JoyTab

The Gemini Devices JoyTab may look like a direct iPad competitor at first, but you'll think twice once you see the price tag. It's a nice size at 9.7 inches and has a sturdy build of plastic and glass. But it comes in slightly thicker and slightly heavier than the aluminium iPad. There's no … [Read more...]

The GREE Platform – Dork Preview

Yoshikazu Tanaka of GREE and Geoffroy Sardin of Ubisoft

Yesterday, I was Eurostarred to Paris by a Japanese internet company called GREE to attend a big press conference. They were announcing their partnership with Ubisoft and Gameloft to move into the western social gaming market, where they hoped to repeat their massive success in Japan. So, if GREE … [Read more...]