What do you F@*%ing want?!


We're off to watch the Olympics today so we asked sweary Crass Stitch founder, Kat, to write up her own blurb. It'll be fine; it's not like she's not going to swear or anything, right? *Gulp* What do you f@*%ing want? These are the first words you see when you enter Crass-Stitch Crafts Folksy … [Read more...]

Sew Nerdy: A geek craft extravaganza

Jenny Dork Mega Man Kirby

If you're lucky enough to be over in Florida at the moment, you might like to pop over to the Sew Nerdy art show at the Bear and Bird gallery, Lauderhill. There will be displays from Allison at Crafty is Cool, Heidi Kenney's "This American Life" Plush series as well as all manner of other … [Read more...]

Get stitchy with your iPhone case


When I first went over to the dark side and took ownership of an iPhone, I began a desperate hunt to track down one of the cross-stitch cases I'd seen bandied around by all my craftin' pals over the pond. (Image credit: The Zen of Making) Back in those heady days it wasn't that easy to find them … [Read more...]

The State of Craft book review


I’m a huge fan of the home-made gift at Christmas. For Christmasses past I’ve received hand-knitted mittens, homemade plum chutney and wallets with Manga characters stitched on. Meanwhile, I’ve inflicted on loved ones gifts such as garishly striped scarves, a tie – covered in sequins and the word … [Read more...]

Free Super Mario Mushroom Cushion Pattern


I have mentioned previously how well old school computer games lend themselves to cross stitching but that's by no means the old craft that works well. This free Super Mario Mushroom cushion cover pattern by the plaid scottie is a fine example of how good old patchwork techniques can be used to … [Read more...]