Webseries to Watch: Carmilla

Opening title screen to Carmilla

In April 2012, the webseries The Lizzie Bennet Diaries premiered on YouTube. Created by Hank Green and Bernie Su, it was a modern-day adaptation of the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice, with the story conveyed in the form of vlog updates. It proved enormously popular, with The Guardian … [Read more...]

The parents of YouTube

Louise and Marie (Sprinkle of Glitter and Bits and Clips)

As our editor Katie can probably testify, having young kids is a bit like having a full-time and a half day job on top of your actual day job. Time becomes a myth, personal space stops existing and what the hell is that thing called "sleep" anyway? Sometimes, you need a reminder that you're not … [Read more...]

What the hell is YouTube shipping?


Ever heard of shipping? Unless you're a YouTube or Tumblr addict, chances are this trend has passed you by. Shipping is where a community 'ships' together two together as a couple (shipping = relationshipping). Essentially, they post about how they'd love for those individuals to be together as a … [Read more...]

YouTube Geek Week – Five Great Moments

Enter, stranger.... Knightmare returns for YouTube Geek Week

If you've been tuning in to YouTube's excellent Geek Week, then you will have enjoyed some amazing things so far. And the fun will continue until tomorrow, when you can get on board with Best Of Saturday. Meanwhile, if you can't wait and want to catch up on all the fun, here are five (of the many) … [Read more...]

3D Movie Viewer for your iPhone

3d Youtube Iphone Viewer

For those days when watching Gangnam Style video remakes just feels a little bit... flat, we have the Sanwa 3D viewer for your iPhone. This makes the most of the yt3D, YouTube 3D format, sending the appropriate video to your right and left eyes, turning 3D videos into mini marvels before your … [Read more...]

Monsters Inc 2 teaser trailer

Monsters Inc 2

A teaser trailer for the prequel to Pixar's Monsters Inc just appeared on YouTube. Monsters University is set in the days before Boo when Sulley and Mike where students at the University of Fear – and not particularly great mates. Take a peek! It's not due out till next year, so don't get too … [Read more...]