Cheap Flights – How to dodge the extra charges

airplaneimageFancy a holiday? Even with the recession, companies like Ryanair and EasyJet are making it much easier to book ridiculously cheap flights for a weekend break or an escape from the winter chill for a week.

Or so they’d have you think.

Those £10, £1 or even ‘free’ flights very rarely end up like that. The cheaper airlines often charge extra for services that most of us previously assume are included in the price of tickets. Ryanair are even considering charging customers for using the on board toilets. Nice.

So, what are these extra charges, and how can you get round them?

1) Checking in luggage

Try to avoid doing this if possible, and instead grab the biggest bag you can that passes the requirements for carry on luggage. Fill it. Also try to wear your heaviest clothes.

2) Debit or Credit card charges

I got caught out on this one recently, as the companies charge between £2.95-10 if you use anything other than an Electron card. A few people made suggestions regarding this on twitter, and the key is to find out exactly what the ticket should cost. Once you’ve worked this out you can buy a gift voucher and pay for the flight with it, which they cannot charge you extra for.

3)  Check in

Try to check in online if possible. Not only will this save you time, but it’ll save you the charge of doing it at the airport. Even so, some airlines will still charge you a fee whether you check in online or when you get there.

4) Advance entry

A lot of the airlines offer you the opportunity to get on the plane earlier in order to choose your seat, for an advanced cost. I wouldn’t waste your money on this unless you’re a family. You can always get there earlier anyway to get to the front of the line.

5) Food and Drink

Take your own. A tub of pringles in the shop round the corner is always going to be cheaper than buying on the plane. Most of the flights are only a couple of hours long so you shouldn’t need to eat anyway.

6) Toilet

Cross your legs. Is it really worth spending a couple of quid when you can just wait until you land in an hour’s time?

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