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freshbooksI’ve always been rubbish at sending out invoices, often waiting many months before getting my act together to invoice, by which point I was living on a subsistence wage and thin soup.

Which is why, with the zealotry of a convert, I now go on to anyone who will listen about the wonders of FreshBooks.

FreshBooks is an online invoicing service that not only sets up professional invoices based on a slick template, but also produces automatic invoices each month for any regular work you do. The system then emails a link to the invoice to your client from your chosen email address (or you can download them and send them out as attachments if you prefer).

People with FreshBooks accounts can also invoice you through the system so you can see all your debt in one place. And probably the best thing is that FreshBooks will automatically chase up late payments once the invoice goes over a set time limit.

Accounts aging, annual revenue, and income per client are just some of the reports you can make, plus you can add in expenses and charge them to clients, or simply keep track of them for your records.

It’s come to something that I now live in a world where I actually look forward to invoicing at the end of each month, but other FreshBooks converts are reporting the same affliction, so I’m not alone.

The free service lets you create up to 3 clients and it costs $19 a month for up to 25 clients and access for one staff member.

Obviously, this isn’t a huge monthly figure, but if you’re planning on using it for years to come, the service may start to look less cost-effective. Those needing even more clients and access for more staff, can pay anything up to $149 a month. However, it’s worth noting that the system is constantly being upgraded and improved, so you always have access to the very latest invoicing package.

Try it for free here.

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