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Something a little bit different this week. It’s all about collecting money rather than spending it.

PayumiLast year, I organised my sister’s hen do, and spent ages chasing and collecting money from those who were attending. I’m sure some of you have had to do the same, and will understand how much of a pain in the arse it can be.

Inevitably, whoever ends up organising and chasing comes off as the big bad wolf. Wouldn’t it be much easier if there was something that could do it all for you?

Well, there is. Payumi.

Payumi is a website that you can ask to collect money from a group of people. They collect the money for you so you don’t need to give out bank details, and they’ll then chase those who haven’t paid up for you.

Think of it as a friendly debt collector.

There are plenty of other uses for Payumi. You can collect money for bills (handy if you live in a house share), holidays, tickets or even a night in with friends. You can collect payments from Paypal or through a bank account, and if the payments are under £20 per person, it’s free to use. The fee system after that works like this:

  • 50p for individual payments over £20 up to £50
  • £1.00 for individual payments over £50 up to £100
  • £2.00 for individual payments over £100
Not bad when you consider how much time and stress is saves you.

Would you use Payumi when organising an event? 

Emma Cossey

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