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Misfits: Series 3, Episode 5The third series of Misfits hasn’t been as much of a subplot criss-cross as the last, with the exception of the Kelly/Seth romance, which has been beaten into us quite thoroughly. Well, this week Kelly is in deadly danger – will Seth rise to the challenge and save her?

And, oh yeah, will the episode be any good?

Seth Takes A Downgrade

I note that, ever since he started hanging out with the gang more, Seth has stopped wearing suits all the time. Is this because everyone hates people in suits, and he’s meant to be becoming more sympathetic? Or some kind of fundamental character point? Or, more likely, neither of those things?

I miss suited Seth, to be honest. Cockyness was pretty much his only character trait, and the more he’s shed that and started doing the lovestruck puppy face, the less entertaining he’s become. Obviously, I did like the scene at the beginning when he fought Rudy.

Also, the more you dress Seth in hoodies, the more you kill the mismatched couple dynamic between him and Kelly. I still don’t mind the storyline, because Lauren Socha as Kelly is one of the most endearing of the cast, and she was great in her dual role here. Now she and Seth seem to finally be a couple, maybe we can advance boldly into a new future.

Rudy And Curtis Have Two Selves

Elsewhere, a lot of things happened. They seem to be done with focusing on individual characters with each episode, and I’m glad, it was making them sparse. I particularly enjoyed seeing Rudy’s dual selves again, as well as Curtis’s genderbending. Is it me, though, or are everyone else’s new powers a bit dull?

In fact, has Simon used his power at all since the first episode? I’m assuming he must have at least once in that episode that was all about him, I just can’t remember it.

Oh, and they killed off another probation worker. I’m sorry to see that one go, but it was good to get a big shock, didn’t see it coming at all. And we’re nearing the end of the series, so perhaps it’ll play into the finale? Not sure what other big storylines they could pull in, unless Seth turns out to be a villain.

So, that was another Misfits. Better than the last couple of slightly flat weeks, although I’m still waiting to be brilliantly entertained. The preview for next week looks chaotic, at least. Watch this episode on 4OD, and feel free to chip in below.

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