Dork Review: BOSE SoundDock 10

boseipodspeakerBOSE is a brand I’ve always heard good things about, but never had the good fortune to actually try out. Until now.

I recently tested the BOSE SoundDock 10 digital music system (£699). The iPod docking station looks similar to a lot of the other docking stations on the market, but looks are where the similarities end.

The quality of sound from a BOSE speaker is superior to nearly every other version on the market, and the SoundDock 10 is no different.

Listening to my music through the docking station was an awesome experience, to the extent where I could hear bass notes I’ve never noticed before. I almost feel like I’m insulting it by using it to play Girls Aloud’s Greatest hits.

Turning the volume up loud (one of the benefits of living in the country, far from neighbours) I noticed that the increased volume didn’t lead to distorted sound like other speakers I’ve used.

The additional Bluetooth docking station means you can use the SoundDock to play music through another device, and you can connect it to your TV too.

Now to weigh up the pros and cons:

Wins points for:

  • Sound quality. Arguably one of the best on the market.
  • Attractive design. Simple, but effective.
  • Bluetooth docking accessory to increase options.

Loses points for:

  • Weight: It’s really quite heavy, something my courier felt the need to mention. Three times.
  • No radio:  Seems a shame, particularly now digital radio makes transmission so much clearer
  • The price. All £699 of it.


A truly excellent speaker, but at £699 you might want to start buy a few lottery tickets. Or take up a sugar daddy.

You can buy the SoundDock here.

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