Powermat gadget charger review


Loose cables are the bane of my working life. Between my phone, netbook, Nintendo DS and iPod, I've got wires all over the place. Even with an extension lead, I'm still using all the available plugs. So how can I reduce the amount of cable clutter in my room? The designers at Powermat think … [Read more...]

Dork Review: BOSE SoundDock 10


BOSE is a brand I've always heard good things about, but never had the good fortune to actually try out. Until now. I recently tested the BOSE SoundDock 10 digital music system (£699). The iPod docking station looks similar to a lot of the other docking stations on the market, but looks are where … [Read more...]

There should be an app for that


As winter draws in, it strikes me that I'm no better set up against the cold dark nights than I was this time last year. And that's despite the launch of Spotify, the arrival of a new slimline PS3, and marked leaps being made in 3D TV technology in 2009. In short, technology doesn't seem to … [Read more...]

Dork Review: Sonos BU250 wireless music system

Sonos Music System

Ah, wireless! One of the buzzwords of the noughties, mentioned in the tech world at every opportunity and held up as the ultimate goal for all gadgets. And rightly so. We've all lived under the tyranny of wires and cables for too long. Who hasn't spent 15 sobbing minutes of their life fighting … [Read more...]