Stocking Fillers: Novelty Speakers for your iPod

rockstarEveryone and his gran seems to have an iPhone/iPod/MP3 player these days, which makes it a hell of a lot easier for you to find a suitable present.

A set of portable speakers are small enough to fit in most stockings, and cheap enough to fit most budgets.

The Rockstar from Urbanz (£17.99) (right) is a speaker I’ve recently been using with my iPod Nano. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it actually packs a pretty good punch when it comes to the sound. Plus the headphone lead splits off into a USB lead, so you don’t have to drag loads of connection cables around.

headphoniesThese Headphonies (£24.99 each from Firebox) aim to combine quirky art figurines with travel speakers.

Connect them with your MP3 player and you can play your ‘Best of Christmas’ album through the speaker in the back of their head.

Which is nice.

Still, I’m sure your emo niece will appreciate using ‘Skully’ the skeleton to share her favourite “no one understands me” playlist.

miniampThese speakers are aimed at any X Factor wannabes or anyone who fancies something a bit more rock n’ roll on the desk.

The MP3 Mini Amp Speaker (£19.99, features bass and treble volume control, a nice additional feature considering the price.

The speakers also have a USB port, allowing you to hook it up to a laptop or PC.


These Saturday night speakers will get the lucky recipient in the right frame of mind for a good boogie on the dance floor.

They also remind me somewhat of that afro blessed gentleman from X-Factor who got kicked out a few weeks ago. His name seems to have already escaped me.

You can grab them from Tesco for £9.97.

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