Five Exquisitely Fun iPhone Accesories

Admit it. Your iPhone is your best friend. You are inseparable twosome, and why wouldn’t you be? Your phone is your camera, your navigator, your entertainment centre and your contact with the outside world. The first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you look at at night. You would be lost without it.

But what would make your iPhone even better than it already is? Well, how about these nifty accessories?

Draw on your phone cover!

Doodle iPhone 4 Case

If you’re the creative type and not easily pleased with any phone cover, why not try this Doodle Case? It comes with a pen, so you can doodle and customize to your heart’s content, and if you fancy a change, wipe it off with the solution provided and start anew!

Get your doodle on and buy this phone case at The Gift And Gadget Store for just under 12 pounds.

And zoom....

3-in-1 Camera Lens Kit

If you’re a keen photographer, this 3-in-1 lens kit could come in handy. With a Fish Eye, Micro Lens and Wide Angle, there’s no excuse not to get outside and start snapping pictures wherever you go!

Available from Amazon for just under 8 pounds.

Solar charger

Solar Charger by XD Degisn

This charger could be just the thing you need for that long commute or camping holiday. All you need is natural light and voila! Stick it to the window, pray that the weather doesn’t let you down and your phone can charge on the go! You can buy it from DHGate.

iPhone projector

Pocket projector for iphoneIf you’ve got a collection of pictures or videos on your phone fit for sharing, this nifty projector can make it all the more fun. Perfect if you want an impromptu slide show or show your friends that video everyone’s talking about. Snap one up from I Want One Of Those.


iphone CrayonIf you enjoy a bit of doodling or a game of Draw Something on your phone, this might just help with the tedium of using your fingers. That’s right, it’s a digital crayon! Interested? Get one from Amazon.

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