Grafikcase custom iPhone 5 case from MediaDevil

Since the launch of the iPhone 5 a few weeks ago, many iPhone users have been on the lookout for a new phone case due to the change in size. There are several available now in various designs but what if you want something unique? Something that no one else has?

 Meet the Grafikcase from MediaDevil.

iPhone 5 case by MediaDevil

Available for several smartphones, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S III and BlackBerry Bold, the Grafikcase is a customisable smartphone case that you can guarantee no one else has.

You simply upload a high resolution image of your choice to the MediaDevil website, choose how you want it to appear on the case, then place your order. It couldn’t be easier. A few days later your truly unique smartphone case will arrive.

The case looks great, the colours are vibrant and the image is crystal clear. The print is scratch and UV resistant so your case will look great for a long time. It’s also very thin so doesn’t add much bulk to your phone and feels nice in the hand.

As well as protecting the rear and sides of your device the case also protrudes ever so slightly along the sides of the display which means your device is still protected if you place it screen side down.

Front of Grafikcase

The Grafikcase is available now from the MediaDevil website for around £20.

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