Out and about with the Samsung Galaxy Camera

front of the Galaxy Camera

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying out Samsung’s Galaxy camera. Here's my review. I love the quality of pictures taken with a DSLR, but find the cameras bulky and inconvenient to carry around. Photos taken with my phone however can be low quality and don't quite capture a moment the … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Xoom Tablet


Mobile World Congress (MWC) allowed Susi and the Frackulous team access to the two latest 'must-have' time-sucks -- The Samsung Galaxy S2, a phone so skinny you might as well smash the screen as soon as you take it out of the box (it's going to happen anyway), and the Motorola Xoom Tablet which … [Read more...]

Google Android: All the newest phones


Since the Apple vs Android war has officially kicked off, I'd like to pledge my allegiance to Android. I've yet to get my paws on the newest generation of phones, but I'm an avid Google fan and the idea of buying an iPhone leaves me feeling a little blah. After checking out what's currently on … [Read more...]

Faboulous Fridges


For years, I thought fridges were pretty uninspiring. Sure, they're full of delicious food and drink, but they also tend to veer towards the usual dull white colour with little attention to design and detail. Then Smeg fridges came to my attention. Gorgeous retro looking fridges in a rainbow … [Read more...]

Top 5 Netbooks


I've been crowing about the advantages of a netbook for almost a year now, ever since I got my dinky Dell Inspiron 9. My netbook goes everywhere with me. It is my lifeline for work, play and online shopping! When I originally bought my netbook, the market was still pretty new and the choices were … [Read more...]