Royal Wedding Apps: Dork Adore Round-Up

The whole world is already fed up with Royal Wedding fever, right?

And we haven’t even got to the big day yet. Still, in the interests of civic duty we’ve had a look at some of the apps on offer to help you enjoy the special day just that little bit more…

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First up is Hello Magazine’s offering. As can be expected, this comprises a series of photographs of the couple, behind-the-scenes gossip and the promise of the best photographs of the day itself.

Not very ground breaking and not much fun, either (unless you really love Kate & Wills and who are we to judge?).

Next is iDo (see what they did there?). This app allows you to track the Royal couple, keep track of where you are on a map of the area, follow the most important Twitter feeds relating to the day and check the timetable.

They say it’s ‘an essential purchase for anyone wanting to celebrate Kate and Will’s Royal Wedding’. I say save money by simply watching the procession.

I very much doubt it’s going to go to fast to keep track of. Also, Google Maps and Twitter provide much of the same function and unless you’re going to be at the service I’m not sure why you’d need a timetable of events anyway. If you are at the service, of course, nobody is going to look very kindly on your playing with your iPhone.

Providing a slightly more fun and interactive angle on the royal app front is the BBC’S Weakest Link Royal Wedding edition, free on the day of the wedding. This does what it says on the tin: allows you to play the weakest link with questions about the royals and their lives.

I’m not sure I could answer any of these questions so let’s move on to the next app: Dress the Royals – Wedding Edition. A bit more on my wavelength, the app allows you to dress the happy couple (and family) in a choice of 40 outfits.

This app is ideal for those of you bored of the speculation surrounding Kate’s dress; have her get hitched in a frogman’s suit instead.

Not wanting to be left behind, Westminster abbey has joined the club by releasing an app of its own. Lazer technology allows for a highly realistic, 3d tour of the church complete with annotations and behind the scenes updates.

If you really want to let the Royal couple know how you feel about their nuptials, you can download the W&K Guestbook for iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone and record your message as well as reading everybody’s elses.

Finally, we come to my favorite of the bunch; The Royal Wedding Drinking Game. Following the time honoured format of such amusements, you drink a set amount every time a likely event occurs, such as ‘The Queen is Visible’ or ‘Full Shot of the Union Jack is shown’.

In the interests of health and safety the app is only available to those over the age of 17 and asks you not to use alcohol and to drink responsibly. That’s drink your lemonade responsibly, presumably.

Bottoms up!

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